Wolfsbane: Unleash the Wolf (The Complete Wolfsbane Series)

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Mercy #1: Moon Called

Next, according to Jamie, Rahne hadn't spoken since their encounter with Tryp, and only just started again after seeing Samson. So, she went with Guido to visit Alix Buchanun, and she explained to Alix what happened to her husband.

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Rictor and Rahne beat up a bunch of FBI agents, after they saw them attacking a young boy, mistaken them for bad guys, and were temporarily apprehended by the FBI. The Isolationist arc brought a lot of different things for Rahne, and she began sleeping with Rictor. Rahne was then teleported away to an arctic type place with Strong Guy and Madrox by the Isolationist. She then took part in the final battle on Muir Island , and bit Arclight 's neck, but was then taken out of the battle by Riptide. X-Force was disbanded after Messiah Complex, but Cyclops secretly re-formed the team to take out the Purifiers , permanently which meant he wanted X-Force to kill them.

Rahne yet again was a member of the team, but this time for personal reasons as she found that her father, Reverend Craig, was somehow involved with the Purifiers. Rahne went ahead of the team into the Purifier's church, but was captured by them. Matthew Risman used her as a blackmail in an attempt to get the other members of X-Force to stand down. X believed he was bluffing and attacked, and proving he wasn't bluffing he would shoot Wolfsbane. Thankfully, Risman only shot Rahne in the leg. X realizes that she'd also been drugged with heroin.

When X-Force stood down, X sets off an explosion, but Risman managed to escape with Rahne in tow using a helicopter. Rahne is then seen strapped to a chair, with her eyes forcefully kept open.


Reverend Craig enters the room and begins talking with her. Through the conversation she finds that her own father is now a member of the Purifiers. X-Force is able to rescue Rahne, but not before she is administered a near lethal dose of heroin by Reverend Craig. Barely alive, she is taken to Angel's Aerie where she is healed by Elixir after which Rahne immediately attacks Angel, ripping off his wings and bringing them back to the Purifiers.

It is revealed that while captured by the Purifiers Reverend Craig managed to brainwash Rahne into attacking her teammate so he could use Angel's wings to augment a group of militants known as the Choir. Rahne is once more imprisoned by the Purifiers. Reverend Craig attempts to kill her, and although she is able to escape she lets Reverend Craig know that all she ever really wanted was her father's love.

During the battle Rahne is shot by Reverend Craig. He follows a trail of Rahne's blood to the room where Angel's wings are being stored. Again Reverend Craig berates Rahne, prompting her to knock him to the ground. She tells him that she only ever wanted to save him but cannot allow herself to care for him any longer. As she turns to leave Reverend Craig attempts to shoot her. When Rahne turns around to react she sees Reverend Craig in front of Angel's wings, giving her father the appearance of an angel. This triggers the brainwashing he had forced her to endure to obtain Angel's wings in the first place resulting in Rahne going feral and attacking him.

When the rest of X-Force found her she was traumatized and praying, having apparently torn her father apart and eaten him. It is unclear how much of the attack Rahne is able to remember, if anything at all. The team returns to Angel's Aerie to recover but Rahne is still suffering from the brainwashing she received at the hands of the Purifiers. Whenever she sees Angel she goes into a rage and attempts to attack him, prompting Angel to transform into Archangel to retaliate. The Stepford Cuckoos are brought in in an attempt to deprogram Rahne, however before they can accomplish much X-Force are sent on a mission, leaving Rahne behind alone.

While by herself she notices someone outside. It turns out to be Hrimhari , the Wolf Prince of Asgard. The two run off together, with Hrimhari stating that they must have been reunited for a reason and if the Gods of Asgard can forgive her then she must be able to forgive herself. X-Force and the Stepford Cuckoos attempt to locate Rahne using Cerebra, but are initially unable to, most likely due to Rahne being in her wolf form. Rahne and Hrimhari successfully defeat a group of Frost Giants while adventuring together. Meanwhile X has gone missing and while the Stepford Cuckoos attempt to find her they instead succeed in locating Rahne.

After defeating the Frost Giants Rahne mysteriously passes out, seemingly close to death. Hrimhari takes her to Angel's Aerie in an attempt to have Elixir heal her, but Elixir is not present because he was seriously injured while on a mission and had been left in the custody of the X-Men on Utopia in a comatose state. Hrimhari travels to Utopia with Warpath and Archangel in order to help Rahne and it has been revealed by Dr.

Nemesis that she is pregnant with the Wolf Prince's child a child that is neither human nor mutant and the unborn child is threatening her health and her life. They arrive as Selene 's teams of resurrected mutants are beginning their attack on Utopia. Hela is summoned and gives Hrimhari the option to save a life. Instead of choosing Rahne or his child, he chooses to save Elixir.

Wolfsbane - Behind the Scenes

Elixir is then revived and able to save Rahne and child. Elixir also elevates Rahne's physiology to the point where she could survive carrying and giving birth to Hrimhari's baby. Rahne returned to X-Factor Investigations but not finding what she hoped for. She returned and walked in on Rictor and Shatterstar during a private moment between the two. Rahne instantly started yelling and then shifted into her wolf form and attacked Shatterstar, throwing the two of them out the window, and to the streets.

She accused Shatterstar of using mind control on Rictor.

Mercy #1: Moon Called

Longshot used a fire hydrant to get her off of him. By this time Rictor appeared and asked Rahne who the father was. She told him she had been with anyone but him, so he must be the father. When Rahne said this Layla was watching, with a look that seemed to show that she knew Rahne was lying to Rictor.

On the way to the Doctor's office, they try to talk things out. The conversation quickly centers around Rictor's sexuality. Still incredulous at the idea of his homosexuality, Rahne, confused and evidently self-conscious, wants to know whether she turned him gay. Rictor proceeds to ease her concerns, explaining that it had nothing to do with her or any other external factor- he was always homosexual and was himself unaware of it.

At the Doctor's office, Rahne is given an ultrasound. Much to the disbelief of the Doctor, although she can hear the child's heartbeat, no image appears on the monitor. Apparently, Rahne's body has developed some type of protective shell that can't be permeated by any external stimuli, including sound waves. Rahne left the office to go to church. On her way she ran into Shatterstar. He joined her on her walk to church. Once they reached the church Rahne smelt something wrong. The two split up and went in. Rahne stumbled upon a demon that was in the form of Rahne as a child, it asked for her baby and it would allow Rahne to live.

She refused and the both began to fight Shatterstar showed up to aid Rahne, the demon almost got the best of them both, but with team work they defeated it causing it to flee.

As the two heroes left the church Rahne's name was called out and it was the formerly deceased Feral , that was speaking. Concerned that the impending birth of her child --and the related attacks by various mythic creatures-- posed a threat to the rest of the team, Rahne took off with Jack Russell , seeking sanctuary in upstate New York.


The Blog of Delights: Uncanny X-Men #17 and the Death of Wolfsbane Controversy

There they found themselves pursued by the beast Cerberus , which was in turn controlled by a boy who proclaimed himself to be Agamemnon. Rahne was captured and imprisoned in the cellar of Agamemnon's cabin, where she went into labor. Agamemnon revealed that there would be a mysterious war in the near future, and Rahne's child, as the first offspring of mutant and god, would be a major player.

As Madrox, Siryn , Guido and Shatterstar feverishly combed the woods for Rahne, she began to give birth to the child by ejecting it from her mouth, in a manner similar to the birth of the goddess Athena by Zeus. The child resembled a demonic wolf cub, and it's first act of life was leaping at Agamemnon and ripping him apart. A horrified Rahne screamed at the child to get away from her, and the confused cub ran out of the room, where it was accosted by the members of X-Factor. Siryn, startled and unaware that the creature was Rahne's child, unleashed a scream that sent the child flying out of the cabin and into the woods, where Hela was waiting for it.

She called the child to her, but before she could leave with it she was attacked by the army of beasts, all seeking to claim the cub for themselves.

Wolfsbane: Unleash the Wolf (The Complete Wolfsbane Series)

A massive battle ensued, and in the midst of it the cub sneaked away to find shelter under a fallen tree trunk. Jack Russell found him and was able to calm the cub down, and carried him away from the scene while assuring the cub that he would take care of him and make sure no one ever hunted him again. In the aftermath of the conflict, the members of X-Factor attempted to explain what had happened to Rahne, but she refused to listen to any of them, whispering over and again " I've been judged It did help her and she decided to track down her son she rejected.

Wolfsbane: Unleash the Wolf (The Complete Wolfsbane Series) Wolfsbane: Unleash the Wolf (The Complete Wolfsbane Series)
Wolfsbane: Unleash the Wolf (The Complete Wolfsbane Series) Wolfsbane: Unleash the Wolf (The Complete Wolfsbane Series)
Wolfsbane: Unleash the Wolf (The Complete Wolfsbane Series) Wolfsbane: Unleash the Wolf (The Complete Wolfsbane Series)
Wolfsbane: Unleash the Wolf (The Complete Wolfsbane Series) Wolfsbane: Unleash the Wolf (The Complete Wolfsbane Series)
Wolfsbane: Unleash the Wolf (The Complete Wolfsbane Series) Wolfsbane: Unleash the Wolf (The Complete Wolfsbane Series)
Wolfsbane: Unleash the Wolf (The Complete Wolfsbane Series) Wolfsbane: Unleash the Wolf (The Complete Wolfsbane Series)
Wolfsbane: Unleash the Wolf (The Complete Wolfsbane Series) Wolfsbane: Unleash the Wolf (The Complete Wolfsbane Series)
Wolfsbane: Unleash the Wolf (The Complete Wolfsbane Series) Wolfsbane: Unleash the Wolf (The Complete Wolfsbane Series)

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