We Are All Africans (Our Origin, Glorious Past, and Future)

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Moreover, during that period, it was the Europeans who were the lawless barbarians. After the collapse of the Roman Empire multitudes of white warring tribes from the Caucasus were pushed into Western Europe by the invading Huns.

Why Did Europeans Enslave Africans?

Although generations of Spanish rulers have tried to expunge this era from the historical record, recent archaeology and scholarship now sheds new light on how Moorish advances in mathematics, astronomy, art, and philosophy helped propel Europe out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance. The Moors were unquestionably Black and the 16th century English playwright William Shakespeare used the word Moor as a synonym for African. Education was universal in Muslim Spain, while in Christian Europe, 99 percent of the population was illiterate, and even kings could neither read nor write.

The Moors boasted a remarkably high literacy rate for a pre-modern society. During an era when Europe had only two universities, the Moors had seventeen. The founders of Oxford University were inspired to form the institution after visiting universities in Spain. In the realm of mathematics, the number zero 0 , the Arabic numerals, and the decimal system were all introduced to Europe by Muslims, assisting them to solve problems far more quickly and accurately and laying the foundation for the Scientific Revolution.

Historical archives suggest that his attempt worked, but his landing was somewhat less successful.


Africans took to the skies some six centuries before the Italian Leonardo Da Vinci developed a hang glider. Clearly, the Moors helped to lift the general European populace out of the Dark Ages, and paved the way for the Renaissance period. In fact, a large number of the traits on which modern Europe prides itself came to it from Muslim Spain, namely, free trade, diplomacy, open borders, etiquette, advanced seafaring, research methods, and key advances in chemistry.

At a time when the Moors built public baths and the rulers lived in sumptuous palaces, the monarchs of Germany, France, and England convinced their subjects that cleanliness was a sin and European kings dwelt in big barns, with no windows and no chimneys, often with only a hole in the roof for the exit of smoke.

In the 10th century, Cordoba was not just the capital of Moorish Spain but also the most important and modern city in Europe. Cordoba boasted a population of half a million and had street lighting, fifty hospitals with running water, five hundred mosques and seventy libraries, one of which held over , books. Street lamps and paved streets did not appear in London or Paris until hundreds of years later. The Catholic Church forbade money lending which severely hampered any efforts at economic progress.

Medieval Christian Europe was a miserable lot, which was riffe with squalor, barbarism, illiteracy, and mysticism. It was the Moorish advances in navigational technology such as the astrolabe and sextant, as well as their improvements in cartography and shipbuilding, that paved the way for the Age of Exploration. Thus, the era of Western global dominance of the past half-millennium originated from the African Moorish sailors of the Iberian Peninsula during the s.

An overwhelming body of new evidence is emerging which proves that Africans had frequently sailed across the Atlantic to the Americas, many years before Columbus and indeed before Christ. Barry Fell of Harvard University highlights an array of evidence of Muslims in America before Columbus from sculptures, oral traditions, coins, eye-witness reports, ancient artifacts, Arabic documents and inscriptions.

The strongest evidence of African presence in America before Columbus comes from the pen of Columbus himself.

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Muslim Spain not only collected and perpetuated the intellectual advances of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Roman civilisation, it also expanded on that civilisation and made its own vital contributions in fields ranging from astronomy, pharmacology, maritime navigation, architecture and law. The centuries old impression given by some Western scholars that the African continent made little or no contributions to civilization, and that its people are naturally primitive has, unfortunately, became the basis of racial prejudice, slavery, colonialism and the ongoing economic oppression of Africa.

If Africans re-write their true history, they will reveal a glory that they will inevitably seek to recapture. We are now all beneficiaries and descendants of the African genius, one that stays calm, and perseveres in the face of challenges and obstacles. Most are not even aware that Africa is still the main source of raw materials and minerals used to make all the goods, items and toys that we have all come to love, including chocolate and cell phones.

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Mathieu Da Costa, a navigator and translator from Africa, traveled throughout the Atlantic world in the late s and early s. As a translator, he was in demand by the French and the Dutch to help in their trade with the Aboriginal people of Canada. He was a member of the exploring party of Pierre Dugua, the Sieur de Monts and Samuel de Champlain in the early s. His multilingual talent portfolio of languages was thought to include Dutch, English, French, Portuguese and pidgin Basque, the dialect many Aboriginals used for trading purposes.

This all led him to join the team of Champlain to seal, to trade and to explore Canada. The contributions of Black people are there for those who care to look deeper in British Columbia. Historically, the modern Black history of BC started in The discovery of gold attracted hundreds of fortune-seekers to Victoria and to the banks of the Fraser River. The first Blacks to arrive in BC were part of that wave of immigration. They landed in Esquimalt, on Sunday, 25th April Like elsewhere, Blacks became an integral part of the society in BC.

However, their participation and deeds received little recognition or went unrecorded in the history books. The influence of the Black community on that cultural evolution is often omitted or forgotten outright. He is best remembered as the founder of settlement, trade, and industry for British Columbia and in particular Vancouver Island. In Matthew Henson, explorer co-discovers the North Pole. Alexandre Dumas , Playwright, Poet,and novelist. McCoy invented the lubricating cup or the drip cup and received the patent on his invention in Between , Lewis H.

Latimer invented the first electric light with a carbon filament. In Addie Aylestock became a minister — perhaps the first black woman in Canada to gain this distinction. The list again is long, but I am sure you appreciate the point. Popular media, Hollywood, and both print and TV news have created the erroneous impression that Black people and Africans are just some struggling people not capable of development and progress.

That is nonsense. Sadly, not much of the positive contributions of Africa, and Africans and black people as outlined in this article are talked about or taught in school. So, next time you see an African or a Black person, be respectful, for you are related to that person, have always been related and always will be.

It is why we say we are all African; mother Africa is the mother of all humanity. We hope for what knowledge brings — an open mind that encourages you to reach out and embrace the peace and unity that makes the world a better place.

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Super [ Search for:. Gbedze 0 comments. Gbedze The past year has seen many changes on the international stage, as well as new awareness of information in many areas of knowledge about our world. Black Chinese Yneh-chih. Ignatius Sancho Augustine , Xia Dynasty , Zhou dynasty. About the author: Honore K. Visionary, and founder of charitable efforts to share resources Sage Foundation a non-profit organization whose purpose is to recognize excellence in community service, leadership or multiculturalism.

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We Are All Africans (Our Origin, Glorious Past, and Future) We Are All Africans (Our Origin, Glorious Past, and Future)
We Are All Africans (Our Origin, Glorious Past, and Future) We Are All Africans (Our Origin, Glorious Past, and Future)
We Are All Africans (Our Origin, Glorious Past, and Future) We Are All Africans (Our Origin, Glorious Past, and Future)
We Are All Africans (Our Origin, Glorious Past, and Future) We Are All Africans (Our Origin, Glorious Past, and Future)
We Are All Africans (Our Origin, Glorious Past, and Future) We Are All Africans (Our Origin, Glorious Past, and Future)

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