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Eb Fitting the norm.

Unruly Heart - The Prom - Cover

Bb Flaunting their love for all to see. Eb F Thinking how easy life could be. Gm I just kept on failing.

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Eb I guess that was a sign. Gm That there wasn't much hope. Eb F Bb For this unruly heart of mine. Bb Then, you came along. Eb And right or wrong.

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Bb Feelings began to overflow. Eb F Thinking that no one else could know.

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Gm And not having you near me. Eb Was where I drew the line. F Gm Dm So, I had to conceal. Eb F Bb This poor, unruly heart of mine. Cm And though I don't know how or when. Bb But somehow, I learned to see.

Gm No matter what the world might say. C F This heart is the best part of me!

Sacrament: Personal Encounters with Memories, Wounds, Dreams, and Unruly Hearts | Ave Maria Press

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Unruly Hearts Unruly Hearts
Unruly Hearts Unruly Hearts
Unruly Hearts Unruly Hearts
Unruly Hearts Unruly Hearts
Unruly Hearts Unruly Hearts

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