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This Book Does Not Exist will stretch your mind, put your neurons through their paces, and challenge the foundations of your knowledge and opinions. Revised and expanded as The Bedside Book of Paradoxes Translated into multiple European languages, it has sold over 70, copies worldwide. Perhaps the most precious attribute we each possess, to varying degrees, of course, for whatever reason, is a sacred spark of intelligence.

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  • I can easily imagine you in some earlier lifetime, wearing the mask of a spiritual guru, intentionally, to protect yourself and your tens of thousands of worshipping followers, who gathered to learn, from you, how to ignite, develop, care for, and then to share with others the sacred gift of learning to think, about themselves, the world they live in and then how to live in such as way as to themselves become a credit to their teacher.

    This is a remarkable milestone, and you deserve enormous credit for the longstanding success at providing a public forum for discussion here in Victoria. Networks are all edges, as Bruno Latour points out. And in the meantime we are being faced with more and more—not just information, but the world itself. And a very particular world that has already become part of our consciousness. And it wants something.

    ADHD Does Not Exist: The Truth About Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder

    There is something we used to call the internet that had an infrastructural base. And it worked a bit like its unconscious, storing all the things the glowing promises of free flow must repress in order to function. Looking under the hood, it turns out that its infrastructure was mostly based in the United States, mostly owned and operated by the United States.

    Even though significant parts of the regulatory infrastructure over information exchange still falls under the oversight of the US government, whether directly or indirectly, the real shift in the s came in realizing the commercial and economic potential of information exchange, placing it at the center of the era of globalization and acceleration in the financial sector.

    It is strange to think how, in spite of so many young artists now playing with digital aesthetics, it was actually Warhol who saw it coming most clearly. The massive shift from depth to surface that Warhol explained with celebrity culture and advertising has now taken hold of language itself and spread across the planet. Planetary networks have become places of profound confusion and dislocation.

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    • This might look and feel like drifting, and traditional or conservative notions of substance will always try to dismiss its noise, its cat videos and porn, bad techno and bombastic contemporary art, but one should be careful not to underestimate the massive distances being crossed in the meantime. These distances are themselves very quickly reformatting our consciousness and cognitive capacity to absorb entire worlds made of contradiction—not only in language but far beyond language as well.

      Trevor Something - Trevor Something Does Not Exist [Full Album] (Explicit)

      Some people might already be there: scammers and tricksters, the frazzled post-studio artist and the post-institutional independent militia, political dissidents and unruly journalists who know never to trust their maps. Our ability to traverse these contradictions may very well become the backbone of the global telecommunications network we used to think was an internet.

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