The Sheriff and the Mayor

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The office manages their diaries and provides information and guidance for groups and organisations who wish to invite the Mayor to events.

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This diary is updated regularly and every effort is made to ensure all events are accurate and up to date. However, some events and dates may be changed at the last minute, therefore we apologise for any inconvenience caused in such cases.

Email: Mayors. People who live there feel like the five-member department can't keep the city safe. Leaders say they will have another workshop in mid-October to finish negotiations. Depend on us to keep you updated once a date is set. The county made a proposal and now, commissioners have to make a choice.

The Sheriff and the Mayor

That meeting begins at 6 pm at the city hall building. Read it in full below: "Honorable Commission, I along with the County Commission have been recently approached by Mayor Jimmy Massengill about contracting law enforcement services for the City of Graysville. Respectfully, Sheriff Mike Neal".

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He said he enlisted additional SWAT Team members to serve the warrant because he was aware that Massad owned several guns and he had reportedly declared he was not going back to jail. Massad made that statement in August after he was released from jail on domestic violence charges against his then-live-in girlfriend, Caj Joseph.

The Mayor and The Sheriff

Thursday, Feb. Sheriff's Sgt. William Lindsey knocked on the door and announced it was the sheriff's office five times with no results. Deputy Nick Carmack then used a ram on the door three or four times but was unable to breach the door. So Cpl. McKnight fired a shotgun at the front door lock, opened the door and placed a "distraction device" inside that emitted a loud "bang" sound and a bright, flashing light.

Philippine mayor and sheriff in fisticuffs

That's when deputies heard a firearm discharge twice inside the home and took cover behind the SWAT Team's command vehicle. The SWAT Team shined a light from the command vehicle into the home and saw Massad with a gun in his left hand and a cell phone in the other walking around a room on the second floor.

The Right Worshipful Mayo​r of Gloucester 12222-20

The sheriff said the team was about to use tear gas to force the occupants of the home to come out when Massad gave himself up. The search warrant was for Massad's personal computer and other evidence of him practicing medicine without a license. According to the arrest affidavit, the FDLE received a tip that Massad, a retired medical doctor, was diagnosing and treating injuries and illnesses without a license.

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Massad relinquished his medical license in , according to the Board of Medicine.

The Sheriff and the Mayor The Sheriff and the Mayor
The Sheriff and the Mayor The Sheriff and the Mayor
The Sheriff and the Mayor The Sheriff and the Mayor
The Sheriff and the Mayor The Sheriff and the Mayor
The Sheriff and the Mayor The Sheriff and the Mayor
The Sheriff and the Mayor The Sheriff and the Mayor

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