Sixteen, Sixty-One

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I began writing this story because I felt I had to get it out.

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As messed up as the events of the book may be, the months and years after the main story ended proved the most difficult for me. Writing became a cathartic act of self-preservation. I may have been able to achieve this by simply writing it down and hiding it in a drawer, but once it was on paper I found I had a strong desire to share my story.

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Even now, with stories like and much worse than mine in the news almost every day, I think few people are moving beyond the initial shock of events to consider the impact they have on those involved. Writing and publishing this book has allowed me to tell my story in the first person and to assert my sense of self as something beyond the events of my adolescence. Why were you so fascinated by Matthew teaching you about philosophy, literature and art?

I was a geeky kid: a loner who spent a lot of time in her head.

Sixteen sentenced to a total of sixty-one years for 'county lines' drug offences

Between August and November officers identified the gang were running the following five County Lines:. Initially Thomas acted as a runner for the gang, but was later promoted through the ranks. He became responsible for the resupply of drugs to Bognor Regis and oversaw the transportation of people to run the physical dealing — a role Leigh carried out. Phone records showed Leigh regularly updated Thomas on the profit made and amount of product remaining.

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She also frequently travelled between London and Bognor Regis to resupply the line. Thomas relied on a network of others in order to perform his role including Mackey, Nugent, Allison and Bailey-King. Mackey was present on every identified journey carried out by Thomas, acting as a driver on the majority of trips. Its periods of operation coincided with the presence of either Thomas, Mackey or Nugent in the area.

This was the only identified drugs line where the line owner would spend extended periods of time in the dealing location. He used a number of addresses and runners in the area to store and sell the drugs. Diakitie was found inside an address linked to the line on 26 July , along with large quantities of crack and heroin. Mundle was arrested on 2 November and was found to be in possession of wraps of heroin and the phone running the line.

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The book moves at a good pace and covers a lot of ground. I really did feel for Natalie.

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She went through some really horrific times, but there are moments of joy and happiness too. I think my main problem with it was that it read as fiction.

Exclusive interview with Natalie Lucas on Sixteen, Sixty-One

But overall, I have nothing but respect for her in writing this book if indeed it is all true — could this be another A Million Little Pieces? Sixteen, Sixty One is available now in paperback from Waterstones. Creative Writing graduate. A Northerner in London. I probably love books a bit too much.

I find myself thinking 'What Would Buffy Do? View all posts by lipsyy. I read this book over a year ago and it still sticks in my mind.

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  • Sixteen, Sixty-One.
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The decisions are odd but she was incredibly young. Great review of a book dealing with a difficult subject.

  • Sixteen Sixty-One – Natalie Lucas.
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I know this kind of thing happens, but the idea of such a big age difference in a relationship, especially when the girl is a teenager, makes me very uncomfortable. I guess that must be the point of the book. Yeah it definitely did! It was one of those!

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Sixteen, Sixty-One Sixteen, Sixty-One
Sixteen, Sixty-One Sixteen, Sixty-One
Sixteen, Sixty-One Sixteen, Sixty-One
Sixteen, Sixty-One Sixteen, Sixty-One
Sixteen, Sixty-One Sixteen, Sixty-One

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