Renovate, Sustain and Survive

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Living on site while renovating: 22 top tips

SITES-certified landscapes help reduce water demand, filter and reduce stormwater runoff, provide wildlife habitat, reduce energy consumption, improve air quality, improve human health and increase outdoor recreation opportunities. Compliance Documentation : A sealed letter from the landscape architect of record stating they will achieve certification and a scorecard detailing the credits that will be pursued. A green roof is a conventional roof that is covered with a layer of vegetation. There are multiple benefits to green roofs.

Net roof area is defined as the gross roof square footage area minus the square footage of area used for mechanicals, maintenance pathways, window washing systems, swimming pools and skylights.

Compliance Documentation : Each project will need to provide a roof plan illustrating where the vegetation will be located. The baseline usage is based on the requirements of the United States Energy Policy Act of and subsequent rulings by the Department of Energy, the requirements of the United States Energy Policy Act of , and the fixture performance standards in the editions of the Uniform Plumbing Code or International Plumbing Code as to fixture performance.

Calculations are based on estimated occupant usage and include only the following fixtures and fixture fittings as applicable to the project scope : water closets toilets , urinals, lavatory faucets, showers, kitchen sink faucets, and prerinse spray valves.

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The water efficiency threshold is calculated as a weighted average of water usage for the buildings constructed as part of the project based on their conditioned area. Mixed-use developments near transit stations expand access to transit, bring new amenities to neighborhoods, and foster economic growth across the city. A project can earn 5 points if they are located in the area defined in Section B of the Chicago Municipal Code.

The BEST Temporary Kitchen (for survival during a remodel)

This map must be approved by the Zoning Administrator. A project can earn 5 points if it provides financial sponsorship of a bikeshare docking station. Compliance Documentation : A signed, bikeshare docking station sponsorship agreement between the property manager and the City of Chicago must be provided. The project can earn 5 points by providing at least one secure, indoor bicycle parking space for each residential unit.

The project can earn 5 points by providing at least two secure, indoor or outdoor bicycle parking spaces for every five automobile parking spaces. Compliance Documentation : Plans must be submitted that include location s and type of the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment EVSE , raceway method s , wiring schematics and electrical calculations to verify that the electrical system has sufficient capacity to charge simultaneously all the electrical vehicles at all designated EV charging spaces at their full rated amperage.

Conduit pathways must be identified in construction drawings. They can also be located to be visible from the sidewalk through a window. Compliance Documentation : Plans must be submitted that include the location and description of the digital display. Conscious workforce development is achieved when nodes of economic development are intentional about sourcing candidates from a jobseeker pool that is lesser advantaged and defined as of minority status, of veteran status, with household incomes below the poverty line, affected by homelessness, or affected by the justice system.

There are two options for achieving the 10 points in this category. Each project must choose one option. Given variables in hiring, the sourcing partner or partners must be prepared to source ample candidates to ensure the best talent match. Depending on the scope of the project, typical social enterprises that may apply are those that offer contract staffing, or those that offer basic general labor with the potential for long-term employment. Chicago Bird Collision Monitors collects data on bird collisions from around the Chicago area. Through empirical observation, they have developed a set of criteria common to buildings that experience a high number of migratory bird and insect collisions.

These items either aim to minimize collisions or increase the likelihood of survival after a non-fatal collision. Additionally, the lighting criteria listed seeks to reduce the impact of light pollution on nocturnal migrating animals. Collision with glass claims the lives of hundreds of millions of birds each year in the United States.

Birds that have successfully flown thousands of miles on migration can die in seconds on a pane of glass; impacts kill fledglings before they can truly fly. Because glass is dangerous for strong, healthy, breeding adults, as well as sick or young birds, it can have a particularly serious impact on populations. The American Bird Conservancy, in partnership with New York City Audubon has developed a guide to help architects, planners, and developers minimize the threats of the building environment on bird populations. Please note that the performance monitoring plan is not required unless needed for other certification purposes.

LEED works for all buildings—from homes to corporate headquarters—at all phases of development. Projects pursuing LEED certification earn points across several areas that address sustainability issues. Compliance : Projects must provide proof that the project is registered with the U. Green Building Council. Compliance : Projects must provide proof that the project is registered with the Green Building Initiative or provide a copy of the Green Globes Assessor Stage 1 Report. People from around the world use our regenerative design framework to create spaces that, like a flower, give more than they take.

The Living Building Challenge is organized into seven performance areas Petals. Each performance area has a number of more detailed requirements Imperatives. Compliance : Contact Michael Berkshire at Michael. Berkshire cityofchicago. Enterprise Green Communities projects bring improved health, economic and environmental benefits of sustainable construction practices to low-income families. This green building framework is the first in the nation to address the unique needs of the affordable housing sector by providing a holistic approach to green building and development.

City Hall, N. LaSalle St.

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Room Chicago, Illinois Hours: a. Skip to Main Content. Toggle navigation. Our Safety. Planning and Development DPD promotes the comprehensive growth and sustainability of the City and its neighborhoods. Contact us Planning and Development.

Pros and Cons of The Green Buildings - Earthava

Chicago Sustainable Development Policy Handbook. The handbook provides: A definition of each sustainable strategy A description of the documentation required to verify compliance Links to more information about the strategies There are two compliance paths available to meet the requirements of the Chicago Sustainable Development Policy. Many losing funds are closed and merged into other funds to hide poor performance.

In , Elton, Gruber, and Blake showed that survivorship bias is larger in the small-fund sector than in large mutual funds presumably because small funds have a high probability of folding. This is the standard measure of mutual fund out-performance. Additionally, in quantitative backtesting of market performance or other characteristics, survivorship bias is the use of a current index membership set rather than using the actual constituent changes over time. To use the current members only and create a historical equity line of the total return of the companies that met the criteria would be adding survivorship bias to the results.

Using the actual membership of the index and applying entry and exit dates to gain the appropriate return during inclusion in the index would allow for a bias-free output. Michael Shermer in Scientific American [2] and Larry Smith of the University of Waterloo [3] have described how advice about commercial success distorts perceptions of it by ignoring all of the businesses and college dropouts that failed. When something becomes a non-survivor, it is either completely eliminated, or whatever voice it has is muted to zero". In his book The Black Swan , financial writer Nassim Taleb called the data obscured by survivorship bias "silent evidence.

Diagoras of Melos was asked concerning paintings of those who had escaped shipwreck: "Look, you who think the gods have no care of human things, what do you say to so many persons preserved from death by their especial favour? Susan Mumm has described how survival bias leads historians to study organisations that are still in existence more than those which have closed.

This means large, successful organisations such as the Women's Institute, which were well organised and still have accessible archives for historians to work from, are studied more than smaller charitable organisations, even though these may have done a great deal of work. A commonly held opinion in many populations is that machinery, equipment, and goods manufactured in previous generations often is better built and lasts longer than similar contemporary items.

This perception is reflected in the common expression "They don't make 'em [them] like they used to". Again, because of the selective pressures of time and use, it is inevitable that only those items which were built to last will have survived into the present day.

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Therefore, most of the old machinery still seen functioning well in the present day must necessarily have been built to a standard of quality necessary to survive. All of the machinery, equipment, and goods that have failed over the intervening years are no longer visible to the general population as they have been junked, scrapped, recycled, or otherwise disposed of.

Though survivorship bias may explain a significant portion of the common perception that older manufacturing processes were more rigorous, there are other processes that may explain that perception, such as planned obsolescence and overengineering. It is difficult to directly compare and determine whether manufacturing has become overall better or worse.

Manufactured goods are constantly changing, the same items are rarely built for more than a single generation, and even the raw materials change from one era to the next.

Renovate, Sustain and Survive Renovate, Sustain and Survive
Renovate, Sustain and Survive Renovate, Sustain and Survive
Renovate, Sustain and Survive Renovate, Sustain and Survive
Renovate, Sustain and Survive Renovate, Sustain and Survive
Renovate, Sustain and Survive Renovate, Sustain and Survive
Renovate, Sustain and Survive Renovate, Sustain and Survive
Renovate, Sustain and Survive Renovate, Sustain and Survive
Renovate, Sustain and Survive Renovate, Sustain and Survive
Renovate, Sustain and Survive Renovate, Sustain and Survive

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