Potty Training Is Fun!

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Potty training can be one of the most challenging milestones for parents and toddlers.

For every child, potty training can look completely different. Some are terrified to even sit on the potty in the beginning while others catch on effortlessly! Right now we are in the midst of potty training our youngest child. We are working through it, and making progress though. For him, a small piece of candy has been a huge motivator.

Video #2: Fast Potty Training

He needs that concrete, instant reward. Training pants like these from CVS are also a huge help. Sides that refasten mean toddlers can potty and still use the dry pull-up. When used in the right situations, pull-ups can be life-savers during potty training adventures!

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The Best Poop Songs for Potty Training

Wondering what potty training reward might work best for your child? Check out this creative list! Make it fun for everyone with one or more of these reward ideas! Be sure to grab those crazy-cute training pants at CVS. All opinions are my own! Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar. We already chatted a little about my favorite version of these. The fun designs are what get kids on board with training pants!

The switch from diaper to training pants will be easier when kids see high-interest designs. CVS has designs for both boys and girls. I encourage my son by telling him we want to keep those crazy-cute planes, rocket ships, or other designs dry.

Grin and giggle with charming animations

Hey — it actually works! Choose underwear with fun characters. But just like wearing training pants, a toddler will be much more eager to potty train if he gets to wear super-cool underwear with his favorite super-hero or sport design cheering him on!

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Make a lollipop tree! Make your own lollipop tree while taping and arranging lollipop in a canister until they resemble a tree.

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Stamp it! Each time your child successfully potties he can get a super-cool stamp! Markers with stamps on one end are a mess-free way to reward with stamps. Parents have to be committed to training their kids.

How to Make Toilet Training Fun for Your Son: 10 Steps

Ayesha from Words n Needles. You have to be ready too. If you have two under two, or more, it becomes increasingly difficult. Consider the fact that you may have to assist them atleast for two years till they are fully independent. Do you have the time and energy to give your child that attention? If you lose it midway, they may have trouble being consistent too.

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We did the infant potty training. This method really requires you to be patient and trust me there are many accidents but it just felt more natural to us.

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  5. My tip to parents trying this method would be just be patient it is a natural thing and your kids will learn. A mother of 7 and a foster parent has a ton of experience with potty training and she does not use a potty to potty train. Check it out. Related Posts. Are you ready?

    Potty Training Is Fun! Potty Training Is Fun!
    Potty Training Is Fun! Potty Training Is Fun!
    Potty Training Is Fun! Potty Training Is Fun!
    Potty Training Is Fun! Potty Training Is Fun!
    Potty Training Is Fun! Potty Training Is Fun!
    Potty Training Is Fun! Potty Training Is Fun!
    Potty Training Is Fun! Potty Training Is Fun!
    Potty Training Is Fun! Potty Training Is Fun!
    Potty Training Is Fun!

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