Counting from Zero (Mick OMalley Series Book 1)

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This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. June Works by Bernard Cornwell. The Last Kingdom.

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Hidden categories: Articles to be expanded from June All articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. First edition. Richard Sharpe. From the publisher: Cultures clash, sparks fly, love blooms, people die, and two kids, one a little bit punk and the other way too country, see their lives changed forever.

Stormy Jones has to spend summers with her father, an Everglades park ranger.

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Thinking it might build character, he drags her along to fight an Everglades fire and promptly loses her when it gets out of control. Myhre ISBN: The story of a young boy, orphaned by AIDS in a fictional African setting, who becomes involved in a dangerous adventure with illegal deforestation and an endangered gorilla along the way.

A Bird, a Girl, and a Rescue by J. Eleven-year-old Kiisa and her messenger bird, Njili, go on a dangerous rescue mission in Africa that includes rebels, stolen girls, illegal logging, a hungry cobra, and learning bravery and forgiveness along the way. A Chameleon, a Boy, and a Quest by J.

Orphaned ten-year-old Mu's drudgery-filled life changes forever when he meets a talking chameleon and the pair embark on an adventurous quest in the everchanging landscape of Africa. Sixth-grader Liza K. One in a series of eco mysteries by the author, who also wrote the My Side of the Mountain trilogy.

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Twelve-year-old Maggie receives European fire bugs for her birthday, but when they fail to metamorphose and grow grossly large and explode instead, she uses scientific reasoning to determine the cause of their strange death. After Spinner Shafter catches a cutthroat trout in the Snake River, she and her cousin Alligator search the nearby mountains to determine where the endangered fish came from and how it survived.

Miles O'Malley, a boy with a fascination for the sea, copes with the trials of growing up, his infatuation with the girl next door, bickering parents, and his fear that his life and his beloved Puget Sound are slipping away. Seventeen-year-old Jason and his girlfriend Kris spearhead a movement to save a wilderness area from being replaced by a mall. While a group of people camps near a road construction site in hopes of saving a hill that some believe holds a terrible secret, a large predator begins roaming the area. Set in a futuristic Manhattan after a catastrophic flood called the Wash Out, sixteen-year-old Ren must race against a conspiracy to find freshwater springs and a cure for the deadly disease that has stricken her sister and many others in the Ward.

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Winner of the Green Earth Book Award. Finalist for the National Book Award. On a field trip to the Nature Center, Three J leads his second-grade classmates on a mission to pick up as much trash as posssible after they find a bird caught in a discarded lunch bag. A Rookie Reader book. NoveList: The discovery of dead birds in a national forest leads the four teenaged members of Misfits, Inc.

When vandals trash McPhearson Park, Amy leads the way as she, Morgan, Carlie, Emily, and Chelsea, the newest club member, make it their project to save the spot from being turned into a parking lot and restore it to a place of beauty and fun. Other genre: Christian fiction. After the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano destroys his city and its surroundings, fifteen-year-old Alex must journey from Cedar Falls, Iowa, to Illinois to find his parents and sister, trying to survive in a transformed landscape and a new society in which all the old rules of living have vanished. More than six months after the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano, Alex and Darla retrace their steps to Iowa hoping to find Alex's parents and bring them to the tenuous safety of Illinois, but the journey is ever more perilous as the remaining communities fight to the death for food and power.

Count by 1's to 50 - Forward and Backward - Counting Song for Kids - Count to 50 - Jack Hartmann

Nearly a year after the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano, survival has become harder than ever and Alex and Darla must risk everything to try to create a community that can withstand the ongoing disaster. Sixteen-year-old Lynn will do anything to protect her valuable water source, but the arrival of new neighbors forces her to reconsider her attitudes.

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Sleepy Valley is similar in many ways to the town where you live. Things seem fine, but no one is thinking about the future. Are you ready for what is about to happen to you, and to towns all across the country and around the world? Marley and Brianne are not, and neither are their parents, their neighbors, or anyone else in Sleepy Valley.

When they wake up the day after their high school graduation, their lives are turned upside down, and their plans for the future changed forever. A series of climate catastrophes descends on Sleepy Valley, and Marley and Brianne must struggle to save their town and the world as they know it. Through their struggles, they find their voices and purposes for living. The Big Melt challenges us all to confront what is rapidly becoming the greatest threat of the 21st century.

This work of contemporary fantasy fiction will inspire you to care, more than ever, about what could happen in your town in the not-too-distant future. Solstice by P. Hoover ISBN: Eighteen-year-old Piper lives with her controlling mother amid a Global Heating Crisis, but when she gets her first taste of freedom she discovers a universe of gods and monsters where her true identity, kept secret from her birth, could make all the difference in the world.

NoveList: After Danni and her mother move in with her mother's alcoholic boyfriend, Danni wrestles with her own identity when she finds herself with a crush on her soon-to-be stepbrother, a hardcore environmentalist. NoveList: Following Rebecca K. Rowe's break out novel, Forbidden Cargo, Circle Tide, throws together two unlikely heroes: Noah, an environmentalist and a fugitive suspected in a high-profile murder, and Rika Grant, a mind-enhanced Dee Jay.

Together they must track down a Senator's assassin, save themselves from prosecution and prevent the planet from an eco-catastrophe. After the Snow by S. Crockett ISBN: Fifteen-year-old Willo Blake, born after the snows that ushered in a new ice age, encounters outlaws, halfmen, and an abandoned girl as he journeys in search of his family, who mysteriously disappeared from the freezing mountain that was their home. Can You Hear the Trees Talking? Coming Soon. Phone: Powered by Bookmanager. McGrath on Thursday October 10th at pm! Join us as we launch the action-packed conclusion to the Devil's Revolver series, The Legend of Diablo.

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There will be a reading, a chance to ask questions, and chat. Light snacks will be available. Nothing matters anymore but finding Abby. Meanwhile, the world is on fire.

Counting from Zero (Mick OMalley Series Book 1) Counting from Zero (Mick OMalley Series Book 1)
Counting from Zero (Mick OMalley Series Book 1) Counting from Zero (Mick OMalley Series Book 1)
Counting from Zero (Mick OMalley Series Book 1) Counting from Zero (Mick OMalley Series Book 1)
Counting from Zero (Mick OMalley Series Book 1) Counting from Zero (Mick OMalley Series Book 1)
Counting from Zero (Mick OMalley Series Book 1) Counting from Zero (Mick OMalley Series Book 1)
Counting from Zero (Mick OMalley Series Book 1) Counting from Zero (Mick OMalley Series Book 1)
Counting from Zero (Mick OMalley Series Book 1) Counting from Zero (Mick OMalley Series Book 1)
Counting from Zero (Mick OMalley Series Book 1) Counting from Zero (Mick OMalley Series Book 1)

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