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Leadership Team Readiness Checklist

Perhaps this is because resuscitation skills are central to what we do. And when we teach resuscitation, a situation where stress runs high, the concept of a team approach in which at least one team member is ticking off, out loud, items to do or consider doing is extremely helpful and reassuring, especially to trainees. As I read the book I was most taken by the fact that we in Medicine will never reach our potential without changing the dynamics of the health care team. It is impossible in this day and age to manage patients without the support of knowledgeable nurses, pharmacists, dietiicians, therapists, technicians and the myriad staff that clean, cook and insure that the hospital functions.

The surgeons have moved much further than we in the cognitive fields such as Medicine. We need to adopt team training for our residents and faculty before we develop our check lists. I have found that unless we get the staff to work with the doctors to develop our check lists we are not successful In addition we need to move to team training to the Medical Schools, Nursing School and most professional health care disciplines.

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Leadership for introverts.

Click here for the user code of conduct and for the terms of use. View Larger Image. In observing that medicine has problems that range from simple getting the dumb stuff right to the profoundly complex, he notes that, … under conditions of true complexity — where the knowledge required exceeds that of any individual and unpredictability reigns — efforts to dictate everything from the center will fail.

He continues, Yet they cannot succeed as isolated individuals, either — that is anarchy. In medicine, he writes, we have the means to make some of the most complex and dangerous work we do… more effective than we ever thought possible. We have met the enemy, and it is us.

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He is also Chief of the Division of Hospital Medicine. He has published articles and 6 books in the fields of quality, safety, and health policy. He is generally considered the academic leader of the hospitalist movement, the fastest growing specialty in the history of modern medicine. He is also a national leader in the fields of patient safety and healthcare quality. Together, the sites receive nearly one million unique visits each year.

He received one of the John M. He has been selected as one of the 50 most influential physician-executives in the U.

He is a former chair of the American Board of Internal Medicine, and has served on the healthcare advisory boards of several companies, including Google. Tips for New Attendings. By Vineet Arora. However, while most of the academic world slows down in the summer for sabbatical, hospitals everywhere are frantically orienting new interns before unleashing them to take care of patients… supervised, of course.

Good planning goes a long way to creating good results or at least creating the environment where good results can take place. Staff Retreat Checklist. Previous Next. You have a meeting space reserved and designated. Plenty of well-separated space for breakout groups where participants can hear each other easily.

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Are breakout areas already set up? You can gain access prior to the start of the retreat. You are familiar with the layout.

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  5. Going in without having seen it can be deadly. Excess chairs have been removed from meeting room prior to the group activities. Is main room set up and ready to go? Your leadership retreat will probably spend most of its time here. Do you need special tables set up for exhibits or sales?

    Convenient well marked parking facilities. There are directional signs for the participants no matter where they enter the facililty. Are there directional signs to breakout rooms, lunch, washrooms etc.? Who will be on the other side of any sliding partition? Will this pose a noise or volume problem? Are there comfortable chairs.

    Servant Leadership Is a Philosophy, Not a Checklist

    Make sure there is adequate ventilation. You need air movement and exchange. Is there an overhead projector and quality large screen. Are arrangements made for Powerpoint presentation or the use of other technologies? Nothing blocks the screen from any location within line-of-site of the participants. In order for the screen to be highly visible, can light levels be adjusted and are the window shades working? Is there an on-call AV technician? Your leadership conference can be badly derailed by equipment failure.

    Make sure this is covered. If AV tech is not around, where is spare equipment in case of failure? Are there enough flip charts in good condition that stand on their own in all rooms that may need them. Are markers with them?

    CHECK: Practical Checklists for Leaders CHECK: Practical Checklists for Leaders
    CHECK: Practical Checklists for Leaders CHECK: Practical Checklists for Leaders
    CHECK: Practical Checklists for Leaders CHECK: Practical Checklists for Leaders
    CHECK: Practical Checklists for Leaders CHECK: Practical Checklists for Leaders
    CHECK: Practical Checklists for Leaders CHECK: Practical Checklists for Leaders
    CHECK: Practical Checklists for Leaders CHECK: Practical Checklists for Leaders
    CHECK: Practical Checklists for Leaders CHECK: Practical Checklists for Leaders
    CHECK: Practical Checklists for Leaders CHECK: Practical Checklists for Leaders

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