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Giving above and beyond the tithe takes faith.

Unselfish people make better spouses, friends, relatives, employees and employers. And they usually have better finances. God is trying to teach us how to prosper over time.

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Remember, no one has ever become poor by giving. But get this: Many people have observed that after they stopped tithing, their finances seemed to get worse. In Malachi —11, God says that if you tithe instead of keeping it for yourself, He will pour out blessing and rebuke your devourers. So keep tithing.

That might mean cutting some fun money or increasing your income, but it can be done. Read the Bible and take from it what you will, but remember this: If you tithe, do it out of love for God, not out of guilt. You were biblically obedient by giving your tithe to your church. Take the deduction.

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Think of what causes matter most to you, and align your support there. There are plenty of ministries and organizations that are doing great work and could benefit from a percentage of your income. Honestly, whether you tithe from your gross pay or your take-home pay is entirely up to you. When things are going well and you find yourself with lots more income than you need, it can be easy to accidentally spend all that extra cash on yourself.

Thoughtful Stewardship - Beyond the Tithe

But it should be a great opportunity to begin thinking about other ways to give above and beyond your tithe. Divide that surplus among extra offerings, extra investing, and some fun money.

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  • It might help to specifically budget a certain amount each month for special giving opportunities above the tithe. Then look around you—ask friends if they know of anyone in need, and watch for opportunities to give that money away. Do you want a future where you can live and give like no one else? It starts with destroying debt and making a plan for your money! Back Home. Instead, this book proposes that Christians donate as acts of grace, which is outlined in the bible.

    Generosity: Going Beyond the Tithe

    This change will allow people to experience more spiritual growth and maturity, and to appreciate the grace of giving to others. From a biblical perspective, the tithe is a non-monetary donation of consumable items such as produce and animals. Giving to the locals in need should be the primary concern of all donations, and required tithing and offerings above the required tithes derails some of these funds that are much-needed elsewhere, according to this book. The authors claim that tithing inhibits graceful giving as the church neglects the needs of the poor and uses extra funds internally.

    An excessive amount of biblical citations also try to prove each point, and wordy accounts describing fictional sermons and church-goers make a very long book even longer.

    What is a tithe?

    So can this well-researched, professionally presented case against tithing change the minds of Christians who have grown up embracing the philosophy of donating ten percent of their wages? Register Sign In. ISBN: Binding: Paperback.

    Beyond the Tithe Beyond the Tithe
    Beyond the Tithe Beyond the Tithe
    Beyond the Tithe Beyond the Tithe
    Beyond the Tithe Beyond the Tithe
    Beyond the Tithe Beyond the Tithe

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