200 Christmas Jokes for Kids

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Christmas Jokes For Kids by Michelle Zimmerman

I believe these people are called Congress. And you know, people in Washington, right away the bickering started. Lou Dobbs accused Santa of using illegal immigrant labor. Rush Limbaugh said the gifts were part of some kind of socialist give away program. So the whole thing was pretty much a disaster. Obama is getting ready to host the Administration's first Hanukkah party tomorrow. Kind of an embarrassing moment, though. Today, after they lit the menorah, Biden blew it out and made a wish.

Isn't that nice? And if front of that is a pound ginger bread 'foreclosed' sign. He had to go to Best Buy because he's not allowed to go to Walmart, because China said, "You can't buy any more stuff from us until you pay off what you already owe us. When you really think about it, this has to be the biggest, most elaborate prank in the history of the world.

It's like we're all in on a huge joke we're playing on kids.

And eventually they figure it out and they start lying to their kids, too. Then it got awkward when he asked the Geek Squad if they fix economies. You know, we already have a group that disrupts and ruins Christmas every year.

They're called relatives. The weird thing is, Biden actually does that with all his important documents. Today, she shot a partridge in a pear tree. It honors the true meaning of Christmas, since the audience is full of virgins.

Big Book of Christmas Jokes for Kids! : A Book of Giggles from the Little Holiday Helper!

So if you're a gay soldier who's also a millionaire, looking for tax-refund money to go Christmas shopping, this was the time of your life. A lot of people couldn't make it because their company is in India. They won't deliver them, they'll just handle them. The prime minister of Abu Dhabi said he hoped the tree would be a symbol that Abu Dhabi has a lot more money than us. And that we're paying far too much for gas. Good luck serving that this time of year.

Why not just ask the Republicans? They'll tell you what to do. And that was her Christmas special.

Christmas Jokes for Kids

Took her three shots. Last thing she brought down was John McCain. You know how much twine it takes to strap a pine tree to the top of Air Force One?

See a Problem?

And Santa's reindeer have now become Non-Denominational Venison. Obama says they used to, but she got tired of Barack promising big things and not delivering. And today, Glenn Beck accused them of trying to bribe a foreign dignitary. Which, of course, answers the question: How can going through airport security possibly get any worse? Today in the holiday spirit he leaked letters to Santa. And today many newspapers carried pictures of a shirtless Obama playing in the ocean.

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Did you see that? So as you're thinking of things to be thankful for this holiday, remember, that could have been a shirtless John McCain. Let me give you an example of how the holiday spirit affects people. Not only does she move at the speed of sound, she is a lightening-fast reader, so this year, she has popped up without warning one time too many to see what is on the computer screen that is taking her place so frequently. As a result she has seen too many pictures of Santa and read too many Santa Claus references.

I got nervous. I want her beautiful belief in Santa and the power of magic to last forever, or at least until she is 10! So what to do…. Enter my brilliant or at least I think so idea! Perfect save! I just love my kid!

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I am so proud that she comes up with these charitable ideas all on her own! As I keep pointing out, she is the one who selected or wrote each joke, made the design decisions, and decided how and why to sell it. We are still in the process of selecting charities. Every time we think we have the perfect one, I learn something that makes me question it. There will be two charities selected — one for children and one for animals. They will need to be international, as the book is sold internationally. Once we have the charities selected and the website up and running, I will let you all know.

And in the meantime, if you know of a reputable organization doing amazing international work for children or animals, please let us know!

200 Christmas Jokes for Kids 200 Christmas Jokes for Kids
200 Christmas Jokes for Kids 200 Christmas Jokes for Kids
200 Christmas Jokes for Kids 200 Christmas Jokes for Kids
200 Christmas Jokes for Kids 200 Christmas Jokes for Kids
200 Christmas Jokes for Kids 200 Christmas Jokes for Kids
200 Christmas Jokes for Kids 200 Christmas Jokes for Kids
200 Christmas Jokes for Kids 200 Christmas Jokes for Kids

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